Freedom Termite Inspections and Services is a fully licensed and insured we are also registered with the QBCC. We have extensive technical and hands on experience and all inspections are carried out with a professional and ethical attitude each and every time.

We have inspected in excess of 10 000 properties throughout South East Queensland and with our experience you will be well informed prior to your purchasing your new property.

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading has considered making Building and Pest Inspections mandatory for all home sellers. Buyers should be wary.

You should still have your own Building and Pest Inspection done as there are numerous questions that can be raised from this situation.

Who is the company?
Why were they selected?
Who referred them?
Could they be bias or passive?

Make sure that ‘your contract’ is subject to having ‘your own’ Building and Pest Inspection done, and not subject to theirs.

Be confident when making your final decision, get your own Building and Pest Inspection done by someone you choose who is working for you.


By investing in a Pre-Purchase Inspection, you are having a house or unit thoroughly checked for defects, existing problems and potential problems, before you sign to buy.

Freedom Termite Inspections and Services will look for any evidence of dampness in the property. Our Inspectors comply with Australian Standard AS 4349.1-1995, Property inspections – residential buildings and the local State’s Fair Trading or Licensing Authority Pre-Purchase requirements. Following the Inspector’s visit is a comprehensive written report.


It is strongly advisable to have a  Termite and Timber Pest Inspection carried out at the same time as it has been found that more than 35% of Australian homes offered for sale have a termite, borer, rot or other destructive timber pest problem.

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