In Queensland local and regional councils require termite management to be installed during the construction of all new buildings and renovations. Spraying chemicals is no longer an adequate or legal method of pre construction termite control.

Freedom Pest Inspections and Services offers pre construction termite management using HomeGuard termite blanket and or Reticulation systems. Freedom Pest Inspections and Services will visit building sites and advise on the best system for your needs.

Home Guard Termite Blanket

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What is a reticulation systems

A Reticulation System designed to effectively treat the area under concrete slabs, for protection against infestation by subterranean termites and around the external perimeter of structures to prevent termites entering from the outside of a building.

When is it Installed?

It is installed prior to the laying of the concrete slab for the under floor system and the perimeter system is installed prior to the installation of the concrete or paved pathways as seen in the picture below.

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