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Silver Fish

silverfishLepisma saccharina (commonly called the fishmoth, urban silverfish, or just silverfish) is a small, wingless insect typically measuring from a half to one inch (12–25 mm). Its common name derives from the animal's silvery blue colour, combined with the fish-like appearance of its movements, while the scientific name indicates the silverfish's diet of carbohydrates such as sugar or starches. It belongs to the basal insect order Thysanura, a group estimated to have existed for over 300 million years, at least since the Paleozoic Era.


The Cloth Moth

clothmothThe Clothing Moth (Tineola bisselliella) is a species of moths from the Tineidae moth family. The caterpillar (larva) of this moth is recognized as a serious pest. It can (and will) derive nourishment not only from clothing – in particular wool – and also, like most moth caterpillars, from many other sources.

The Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella), also spelled Indian meal moth, is a moth of the family Pyralidae. Its larva is a common grain-feeding pest found around the world, feeding on cereals and dry grain products (see waxworms).

Carpet Beetle

carpetbeetlesThe varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) is a 3 mm-long beetle that can be a serious household pest. It feeds on natural fibres and can damage carpets, furniture and clothing.

The larval form is known as a woolly bear, a name it shares with the larvae of Pyrrharctia isabella.

A. verbasci was the first insect to be shown to have an annual circadian rhythm[1] and to date remains a classic example of circannual cycles in animals.

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